So, the city of Tulsa does own at least one salt truck. Too bad he was just driving around and showing off his salt (which he had a lot of). Because he wasn't using it.

I guess information that the storm is coming 2 days ahead and then witnessing drizzle at the very beginning while watching the radar and noticing a storm building up right over Tulsa isn't enough reason to actually salt the roads. Maybe the city is waiting to see how many highways they can close and how many accidents they can have. Then, when everyone is already home from work and school, then we might* salt the roads.

*I'm guessing not.


newgen said...

very nice. Andrea and I laughed out loud.

The Math Ninja said...


And as an update... I do believe the roads weren't salted. BUT! It did sleet over top the ice so we still had some traction.