It's been 8 years.

I've played inline hockey for about 10 years now. I play defense, so mostly I'm stopping goals and not scoring goals. But it's not uncommon for a defensive player to score a goal every now and then. Heck, at K-State a good deal of our goals were scored from defense. But I haven't scored a goal when score was being kept in at least 8 years. I've gotten close, but never done it. (I bet you know where this is going).

Yesterday our hockey league had playoffs. We lost our first game and then an hour later played again. In the middle of the second half, I scored a goal! I was so happy! I don't think other people there (besides my husband) knew just how great it was for me to score a goal, after an 8 year drought. But I did it! I made the game 5-2 with us in the lead!

At the end of our game the score was 5-4, us. Our team ended up taking 4th place (out of 6). We probably should have done better, but we didn't. Shannon pointed out to me that I scored the game winning goal. Neato.

Now I can roll another 5 or so years without a goal and be happy (ish).


Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO NICOLE!!!!!!!! r in gc

Irene said...

You are so great! Not just a great defense player but now you can score in a game, not just in practice. that's my girl.