I've been kinda down lately. So I've tried to work on fun/useful things while at home. Since this weekend I've...
  • Packed up our Christmas decor. We have about 4x more stuff then when we lived in Jardine.
  • Finished painting some Goblin-themed barricades. I built them a long time ago and just finished them this last weekend.
  • Built a marsh and a swamp for Warhammer. The are at home now letting the "water" dry.
  • Worked more one my mom's stained glass window. I have almost all of the glass cut now.

And to make things even more smile-worthy, I got a call from my littlest sister today. She and her buddy will be coming to Tulsa on Sunday. Because on Monday they are driving to go pick up her new puppy!! Aw!!

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Irene said...

the stained glass is starting to come together nick. I can't wait to see it in the window. i'll have the best house on the block. Thanks.