The Second Half of Christmas

In Tulsa's Whole Foods, we met up with Chris and Jenette. We bought some foods and began to celebrate Christmas Eve and day again. We made lots of yummy food and played some games and did more gifting! It was rather fun.

On Saturday, we ate at Casa Bonita in Tulsa! Crazy! It's not as big as the one in Denver, but it's done in the same fashion. It was groovy. I would really like to go there with Nikki, Jay. So, we need to get on planning a trip. Like I said, we played games. We played Ticket to Ride twice over the weekend (pictured below) and Formula De once. Both good games. Although TtR is a really good game.

Sunday was hockey, a ref vs. player fight (including hockey stick to the head accompanied by blood, I'm making it sound a lot less big-of-a-deal than it was), Boomer-Q, hanging with Rhonda and Michelle (because Nette and Chris had to head home), and some poor Bronco football.

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