Guess who has a page-a-day origami calendar?

Paper Cup.

Happy 2009. Holy cow. It's 2009. The future is almost here! This past New Year's Eve was the first one Shannon and I have spent alone in a really long time. Possibly ever. It wasn't bad though. There was fondue, Formula De, and sparkling cider (thanks Charity and Corey).

Then yesterday we kicked off the new year by saying farwell to Charity. She is off to Florida for more school. We went with her and one of her friends to see Slum Dog Millionaire. I didn't really have any expectations, I've heard it was good though. It was good. I'm really glad I went to see it (plus it was free, thanks Charity). There are a lot of things in the movie that made me think about how nice my own life is and how much of it I take for granted.

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