Happy Graduation

For my graduation my Aunt Diana gave me a gift card. Shannon and I finally used it, 8 months after I received it. We did an excellent job of spending just under the amount without really trying. After we paid and used a 1$ off coupon, we had about 1.50$ left on the card. What did we get?

Well, basically we got some shelves. We needed another bookshelf for Shannon's office. No pics of that, but you can probably guess what it looks like. We actually could use one more.

Then we got some shelves for our games. We bought one a while back in Jardine, but it was looking quite full.

So we wanted to get another one. You know, so all of our games could fit on the shelf without having some on the floor and stacked almost to the ceiling and well, just randomly put in a spot where they would fit.

So we did. And they were on sale to make it even sweeter. So now all of our games are nicely organized onto two large shelves, with a cute little one next door for other random gaming things, like scenery.

It's nice to have things organized and stowed.


Tuba Queen said...

I like it with 2 shelves. Looks a lot better!

Ookami Snow said...

We also got two new pillows with pillow covers, and new sheets for our bed. Seems like something else as well.

The Math Ninja said...

Are you thinking about the pop chips?