I gots one!

I enjoy sewing. I've made quite a few things for myself and for others over the years. One of the main drawbacks is having to try things on. For me, its just a pain. I make a change, then have to put the piece on. Then take it off, make a change, and so on and so on.

For others, its even more of a pain because they aren't me, they don't live in my house, let alone my town most of the time, and they aren't always there at the times I want them to try things on.

Solution: Dress form. However they aren't free. Unless you get one for Christmas!

Rhonda gave it to me for Christmas! It's purple even! The dress form used to be Grandma Fullers and Rhonda's sister Marsha had it and I guess wasn't using it. Well, they are letting me use it! Sweet!

So now when I make Rhonda's dress I can use the dress form to help! Sweet!


Tuba Queen said...

I think that is so schnazzy. AWESOME

Anonymous said...

Glad you are able to use it.. Enjoy it. Marsha

Irene said...

It's good to have one! And with the way you sew you should get lots of use out of it. One day you have to help me get my outfit made too. Obviously I'm not getting to it myself considering I've had the fabric for going on 3 yrs now!