Vicious Enthusiasm

This weekend we got quite a few things accomplished.

I slept for about 10 hours on Friday night. And another 10 hours on Saturday night. :) And no regrets! Too often I have heard that I won't get much sleep after the baby is here. So, I had no problem taking advantage of my weekend with no plans.

And we still got stuff done!

We started making some Necromunda scenery. We now own a jigsaw, which has been very helpful in cutting pegboard. The things that look like marshmallows are PVC pipe sections. It works pretty good. We need more washers though, they only had 24 at Lowes, those ran out quickly.

We installed our car seat. That took like 5 minutes. We have the LATCH system in the Mazda and so we used that. It really was as simple as this lady makes it look. Okay, so that's done.

I finally finished the quilt! I am pretty lousy in the picture taking part of life. But hey, it's better than the none I often have. I have had everything done but the inside squares for about 2 weeks. Shannon and then decided on what to do. Nice and nerdy of us, we decided to do the Pythagorean Theorem. I found 6 different picture proofs and used those inside the squares. :) You can't tell very well from the first photo, but the second shows them a little bit better.

So that is done!

And I embroidered the first (and second) statosaurus! This is what I worked on the other day. I've actually drawn 5 statistical dinosaurs. This is only one of them. Its a stegonormalus (stegosaurus made out of a normal distribution). I think he's super cute and it embroidered really well on the fleece! It's 2.5" tall and about 3" wide. I didn't know what to do with this one, so I made it into a little pillow and I'm giving it for free to the person who purchased a large normal fleece pillow from my Etsy shop this weekend.

But I did embroider it onto one of the changing pad covers I made. I still want to embroider a second one on their, but I don't have it ready to go for the embroidery machine yet. So, just keep your eye out for more statosaurs!

I finished the curtains last week. They look pretty good. The room has a lot more purple to it now. It's nice.

And I called Crib City where Mom got our crib in February. They had to order the crib from NY, he ordered 2, but they only shipped one. So, he called us and explained the situation. We didn't need it right way, so instead of taking the one in mid-March, we said we'd wait till the end of April, early May, and let the other people have the one that was in. Well, I called Sunday, early May, and guess what? He's had our crib the whole time!! The other people decided to take a different crib, so the one from the order in March, ours, has been sitting there for over 6 weeks! No phone call, not nothing. I am pretty upset, not because we needed it, we still don't yet, but because we could have gotten it when Mom was here with her car, or Rhonda with her minivan. It won't fit in our Mazda5, the box is too big (51" by 58" by 9"). So now we have to wait, again, because he NEVER CALLED! And it's paid for! In full!

I don't know if it's just Oklahoma, or a big city, or the places we choose, or just dealing with life, but I'm pretty tired of this lack of good communication I've been dealing with recently. I don't like it.

Anyways, when someone with a car big enough is here, we can get our crib too. Then the nursery is almost done, save for some art we plan to put up in there.

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Irene said...

Are you kidding me?? That is unacceptable. Would you like me to call him. I will get him to deliver it FREE!! I cannot believe he was so stupid to even tell you this. HE should have lied and said it just got in and he forgot to call. THis is insulting. Please give me the number. I'll see if I can get him to deliver it tomorrow!!!!