This morning, a little before 5 am, Shannon and I were awoken. I thought I heard a door shut, but when I woke up, I realized that it was really really windy and raining out.

Shannon got up to see what the noise was and how it looked out side, then we realized we heard sirens.


Shannon turned on the tv to see the radar and listen to the weather man. Since we don't have a basement (almost no one does in Tulsa), I started to gather important things (like purses, glasses, cell phones, etc) and place them in the utility room. I figure that is where we'd go. But then Shannon said the half-bath. So I started to place things there.

Then I went to see what the weather said. I was not extremely freaked out, but I was definitely very awake and intent on not being blown away by a tornado.

The weatherman said the sirens were being sounded because of 70 possibly up to 100 mph gusts of wind. Not tornadoes.

What?! How can you waste your sirens on wind gusts? Really? We happened to hear sounds, and decided to get up, just so we could know that it was really windy out and that we should stay inside. Really? So after making fun of Oklahoma for wasting its sirens, we laid on the couch and listened to Mike and Mike. Then decided to go back to bed. But not before we learned of my awesome skills in case of tornado.

What Nicole intended to do: get important things in one safe location.
What Nicole actually does: scatters Shannon's things about the house.

I had put his wallet and keys in the utility room. But then I put his cell phone in the half-bath. And his glasses? Well, I thought I put them in the utility room. But no. The bath? No? Left them where they were? No.

I had put them on my dresser.

Good news is there wasn't any damage (that I noticed) to the house or lot. The only knocked over plant pot was the one that we haven't planted anything in. And now we know, don't freak out in Tulsa when you hear sirens, just check the weather and you can probably go back to bed.


Julia said...

And this didn't scare the baby into action? :)

Anonymous said...

now explain to me why there are no houses with basements in the tornado belt?????

Glad the baby decided to stay put this morning.

Irene said...

I'm glad you guys are safe. I read this and it made me have goose bumps. Night before me and Maria ended up in the basement but since you don't have one, I agree with Shannon that the 1/2 bath is the most central, windowless room in the house. I love you guys.

Ookami Snow said...

What Nicole fails to point out, is that ALL of my stuff was already in a easy to access location right by the bed. I had actually even laid out my clothes for the next day (which very rarely happens). So after I go to check to actually hear if they are indeed tornado sirens, all of my stuff -clothes, phone, glasses have been scattered (you could say hidden) throughout the house.

Mental note: in case of future disasters, make sure I am completely ready before waking Nicole up.

The Math Ninja said...

I don't know if anything can scare the baby into action. She's pretty content.

We have no basements here (I think) because of the water level/content. The basements all get leaky and gross.