One Week

It's been just over one week that Keagan's been out of the belly. :) Crazy.

It has been a very difficult week, trying to learn SO many new things. But last night was our best night yet. I think all parties got enough sleep (and to eat). Which makes things go much smoother.

When we got home on Friday, we were greeted by a happily decorated houses, from my mom. I cried (not a surprise) a happy cry.

She even found a swell make-your-own sign. Surprising it had enough N's. That letter is usually a challenge.

We gave her a bath on Sunday (I think). It was pretty cute. She is so tiny. :) Here she is getting ready for her bath.

And here she is post-bath in her cute, but big, Pooh towel from Jayme and Charles. :)

And getting her dressed in a cute little sleeper. :)

Oh, and Mom got the crib. Wow, that is a crummy story. I'll try to post about it later. But for now I will just say, never shop at Crib City in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The owner Randy is a horrible business man and a liar.

Overall, it's been pretty good. :) I'm happy to have a baby and I'm thrilled to have Shannon!

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Julia said...

Happy week! I love the pictures of you together!