Frog Ham Strings

Yesterday I had my week 39 (and 3 day) appointment. The doctor said I'm about 1 cm dilated (finally starting...). But he still thinks I'm going to go late. We "scheduled" an induction for the night of the 18th (so more like the 19th). I say "scheduled" because they have to call the hospital and make sure that is fine and if my body decides to go baby before then, then obviously I won't need to be induced. So, we shall see.

Not too much else going on. Lots of people at work keep saying "You're still here?" and the such. And yes, I am. I probably will be for a whole other week, if not two. But everyone has been really nice and giving advice that isn't annoying. They are good people. :)

I am almost done with teaching for this semester. I still need to finish up grades but that is about all.

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