New Baby!!

I don't plan on explaining everything now...maybe I'll post more about it later. But here are pictures with some explaination.

8lb and 3 oz, 21.25" long. It's Keagan!

This must be after I got the epidural because I'm smiling. That thing is like magic.

Here's how gorgeous I looked before surgery. :)

And how stunning Shannon looked. He got to be in there with me the entire time. Which is unusual. The anesthesiologist say that's only happened like 3 times since he's worked there (possible 32 years?).

Our first family picture, in the surgery room from the anesthesiologist! It's crazy. We have a daughter. :)

And one of the nurses took Shannon's first picture with Keagan in the baby-cleaning room.

Some of the first pictures of Keagan. Her little tounge sticks out a lot!

She didn't cry much at all when she first came out, enough, but not too much. But I think that may be because of Shannon. :) She would just stare at him and he just lovingly smiled back. :)

The first pictures of me and Keagan.

Three generations!

And just cuteness!

I made her a little hat a few months back. It's almost too small on her.

She enjoys sucking her thumb (or hand or arm...)

Mom with her new granddaughter.


Happy family! I enjoy this photo.

Silly little face.

I'm a mom!


Tuba Queen said...

I Love her so much! I am going to be the best Aunt to her!!! YEs Maria...I will beat you out!

Julia said...

I literally got teary eyed looking at these pictures! Congratulations mama! She's beautiful! I love the tongue sticking out! :)

Michelle said...

Haha I got teary eyed too. The rumors were true, she's adorable!! I can't wait to meet her, and of course. Be the BEST aunt to her. Bring it Jayme

Marsha said...

Glad to see the pictures & know you are all doing well. Can't wait to meet my newest great-niece, in less than a month.

aunt margie said...

I hate that we are so far away. Can't wait to see my great-niece. You and Shannon did good! Just love her already.

Jenette said...

Eeeeeeee!!!!!!!! :D She is so great!

Best aunt ever? Oh its on!