Last night around 11:00pm one of my favorite things happened, Shannon said "Etsy transaction?!" from the bedroom. That means I sold something on Etsy! Woohoo!

What is it? Oh, 23$! What is it? A custom chi-square bookend. Great!

But that custom means I have to make it! She'd like it by Saturday. Hmm... probably the worst week it could have been. :) I had basically last night to do it. Because today there is not time*, Wednesday and Thursday I'll likely be in the hospital. And that doesn't leave me time to get it shipped to be there by Saturday.

But no worries. I'm a sewing master. I finished it all, from nothing to almost packaged in 1.5 hours! Happy birthday to a lucky statistician!

Then today, I promptly put up a message in my Etsy shop that I won't be able to make/ship things until next week.

*Tonight (Tuesday), Shannon and I go to the hospital at 8:00pm and start the induction. So, no, I won't have baby news today. But tomorrow something will happen.

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Julia said...

Hooray! Baby tomorrow! :) I can't wait to hear all about it!