Treasures Part 1

First of all. I've started work and its alright. Nothing too special. Almost all of my training these last three days has been reading books. And I actually have only ready about 1/10th of the listed things on the training sheet. Nice.

But in more fun news, I've been opening boxes from years ago and finding some awesome things. I wish to share some of these things with you. This is by no means all of the things I've found, just some more meaningful or entertaining ones. I've supplied a small bit on each piece as well. If I've messed up, I apologize. I have this problem with not really remembering events from my past. I know things happened, but I don't remember the details. If it weren't for pictures and accounts of the events from other people, I don't think I'd remember anything.

This is a wooden votive candle holder made for my by one of my sisters. And, thanks to my remagination, I don't know if it was Jayme or Maria. Since no one "signed" it, I can't just flip it over and see. But its all personalized with my name and some kanji. I think it was made around 2000?

Here is a little (like 1" diameter) clay pot that M.H. (or Maria) made for me also around '99-'00 time. Maria was on a kick for a while with making all sorts of little clay things. I was gifted with this fine pot.

This is not mine. No, I never played basketball for a team (this I do remember). This is Jayme's. Yes, Jayme. Jayme tired many sports in her day. While in Pennsylvania, Jayme tried soccer, softball (where she played outfield and pitched), basketball (she wasn't' really very good) (I seem to remember going to Scranton or something to watch her team play. I say her team because I think Jay played for like 2 minutes of the game, maybe...), and field hockey. She started out as not very great at field hockey, but by the end of the season, she was pretty good! She had a little stick and a jacket and it was pretty neat.

She also played some basketball in Garden (hence the KHMS outfit). I'm pretty sure she was supposed to give this back...

I have many more things to share with you. But I also have some other (house-y) things to do as well.

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Tuba Queen said...

The votive holder was me :)