Making in Mine

This last weekend was great, it was missing a Maria and the major purchase of a washer and dryer, but still great. Mom, Jayme, and Nikki came down on Saturday and we started two large projects. Here are before pictures of our projects, or kind of during for the fence. It started with a broken pole and 12 feet of fence laying on our grass.

The fence was falling when we looked at the house in May and my June, it was down. So Mom, Shannon, and I replaced one post, reinforced another, and put the planks back on. It's far from perfect, but its standing which means the grass isn't being killed by the 12 feet of fence laying on it. We left some 2x4's there to support the fence while the cement cured all the way. They will come down. The post we bought was about 18" too tall, so we had to cut it. But Shannon and I don't own anything more than a 6"blade hack-saw. No way we're cutting a pressure treated 4x4 post with that. So Mom and I went to Lowe's (much better than Home Depot) and she bought us a table saw! Neat!

This is the half-bath in the hallway. It had this crazy wallpaper (as do the other bathrooms in the house, one room at a time...) that reminded me of an old fabric my mom had for crafts and reminded Rhonda of what used to be on the walls in her bathroom in Garden. Either way, we knew it would have to go. Shannon and I came back after talking with our neighbors about the fence and found Mom, Jayme, and Nikki peeling wallpaper. :) The room isn't quite done, it still need a toilet paper holder and a towel holder and a picture or two for the walls. It's an awesome color, called Brick Wall. I like it a bunch. We got a nice new light and a really fun faucet (thanks mom). Now we just have to get Mom to come back some weekend and tile the floor!

It was a great weekend, spending time with Mom and Jayme and Nikki and getting stuff done. Maria was going to come, but had to work (boo). Maybe next time. Hopefully next time. Oh, and Nikki, freaking adorable! Check out this cute video of her on Shannon's blog. (Charles is Jayme's male friend.)


Tuba Queen said...

What a Cute Smile!!! We fixed Moms fence this weekend as well. So now you both have good fences :)

Irene said...

Great pictures. The bathroom looks great and the fence repair wasn't so bad, I think it's the strongest part of your fence at the moment. I had a great time at your house and it was so cool getting some stuff done to make the house personalized.