Treasures Part 3

I played hockey in Garden City for about 3 years, the first three years I ever played. For some of that time, we met some people from Holcomb who played too. They were younger and needed a ride to Garden some times. Shannon I guess drew me a map with direction's to Dustin's house. Helpful.

In my girl-ier times, I collected (and displayed) Barbies. Here are some of them. I don't know, maybe they will be worth a lot of money one day, or a lot of memories. But right now, it's just kinda odd. :)

Here are some that I took out of the box, that was silly of me. But they are some awesome ones! James Dean, Midnight Something-or-Other, and Native American Barbie. Sweet. They each have a little stand that they go on too. But now, they are in a bag inside a box.

Here are my old back-packs from high school. I used them both in Honesdale. You can't really tell, but the blue one has it's zipper pulls all fur-ified. That is because my sophomore year, I would get a water to drink for lunch everyday and I took the plastic rings off after the I broke the seal around the lid. If you turn them inside out (the rings) they make these neat little spikey things to put on your back-pack. Which is what I did. Somewhere I have a whole shoe-lace full of them, but I still can't find it. I believe I called them "wottles." My random hic-cups started my sophomore year as well.

This little dude I got at a craft show in PA. He's just a silly little marionette.

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