Treasures Part 2

Julia, you may recognize the above towel. I was really pleased to see this one. I forgot all about going to Worlds for OM. ~~~ It was my first year in Kansas, an angry teen moved from all her friends of 10 years in Pennsylvania. I had done Odyssy of the Mind* in PA and we figured that it would be a good way for me to meet people and have some fun to I did it in KS too. I started out on one team and then got moved to a team with Julia, Kenzie, Kristin, and Chewy. This turned out to be fabulous for me because Julia is awesome and became my best friend. Another story... Back to OM... Our team was awesome, I made a morphing 3-toed sloth costume for Chewy and he jumped into Julia's arms, it was a fabulous skit, I even had a speaking part (wow). We did well at the State competition. So well that we won first!! Er, was it second? Maybe it was third? Who knows? Turns out there was some big issues and three (?) teams from KS got to go to Worlds in Disney World! I can go on and on. But we went, had a blast and traded our Kansas pins for as many other pins as we could get, which are pictured above on the towel. That was so much fun and I am so glad I changed teams and met Julia!

Speaking of PA, here we are in our young years. From left, Maria is sitting, Jayme in a cute pink bathing suit, Melissa Dragic (our neighbor) is sitting next to me, then my cousin Teresa Dorrian (who's getting married this November!), then our other neighbors Nick Collins and his brother Matt Collins. We are in our pond. It is a fun picture not only because of who's in it, but we have water in the pond. When we left it was more of a swamp then a pond.

Do I really need to explain? It's a pretzel necklace I made, of course.

I bet my mom is wishing she had these sweet rings on her fingers. The one on my middle finger glows in the dark. Sweet. (I actually wore these in middle school and high school.)

So, one day I was sitting on my bed in Garden with a pin cushion, some scissors, and some pink construction paper. I started cutting and sticking the paper to my bed (without the card board) and made the lady in pink. When I got tired and realized, "Hey, I can't sleep on bed with this stuck into it!" I found some card board and moved the pink lady to it and then decided, "Hmph, she needs a red friend." So I made her one. Eventually I went to bed and this weird little piece of art "stuck" around.

*OM was completely different 10 years ago then it is now. I probably shouldn't have even linked it. This is probably better.

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Braveharte said...

I still have my towel covered in pins too! I'm sooooooo glad you switched teams too! We had so much fun. Schnetzke! "I don't have a problem I'm just really happy." :) Remember how Chewy and I spoke in a British accent for a full day? And you bit Kensie? And now she's a nun so you bit a nun! He he he. I love you Nicole and miss you so much! I hope you're having fun in Tulsa (or at least start to soon!).