Crazy New World

After I passed my Master's report on Tuesday, Shannon and I packed up my office and ate a Manhattan dinner at So Long Saloon with Jenette, Chris, Maria, Mandy. It was nice to eat some good food with everyone. Afterwards, Shannon and I drove to Wichita to gather a lawn mower and some other random objects before going to our new home.

We are here now, in Tulsa, in a home we own. It's crazy. On Monday we start our new jobs. It still doesn't really feel real. I like it all so far, but it just doesn't seem like its anything different. Although I know it is.

What is also different is that a tornado hit Manhattan! No one in Manhattan was seriously injured and everyone know I know well enough to hear from is fine. Thank goodness. K-State's campus took over 20 million dollars in damage. Ace and Midas are gone and plenty of other buildings and homes are either damaged or gone. It's insane. In the 7 years I lived in Manhattan, we never had a tornado, or even anything worse than that ice storm last winter. And now, 2 days after I move away, a tornado hits. It crazy!

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