I feel like crying.

Yesterday the weather was really bad and the finals were postponed. I had my hardest on that day. So, when school was canceled, I hoped the final would be too.

The University is rescheduling all of Tuesday's finals for Saturday. Saturday!

We haven't heard from the teacher yet, but another student in a different class said that our teacher told her he will be here on Saturday giving us our final.


If you recall, this was an issue last year too. Different teacher though. And well, different circumstances too. Still sucks though.

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Tuba Queen said...

Its pretty stinking messed up that they have decided on Saturday, I am so sorry. Maria has some then too. :( On the brighter side of life so we all are feeling for eachother, I am done as of today. WOOHOO!! Love you, I am sure you'll do fine on them all.