Back in the Day

Jayme is correct. This is the same truck my dad had back in the day. It was an old Ford pick-up with an extended cab and 2 gas tanks. It was a good ol' truck. I remember multiple trips to Florida and New Jersey in this truck. It is also the truck that my dad got into his bad accident with.

Over Christmas break at my mom's house in Wichita, we spent a lot of time watching old home movies. Almost all of the time from Saturday evening to Wednesday we watched old videos from 1984! Jayme bought a DVD-recorder and we made about 6 DVD's worth of old videos. It was really fun to watch them. The first video our family has is from February 11th 1984, of Jayme being 10 days old. Now to think that it's 2008, almost 24 years later and that little newborn has a 17 month old of her own, crazy.

I should upload some photos, but they are on a different computer so... I won't be doing that now. Just know that I had a great time in Garden City and a great time in Wichita.


Tuba Queen said...

You haven't finished your post yet but that so looks like Daddy's truck.

Tuba Queen said...

Yes it was fun times :)
Even though this was the 1st year apart for christmas my whole life, it made up for it with all the time we spent together since you guys stayed a few days. I love you two man :)
We were cute kids, we really were.

Irene said...

Our new years eve was very relaxing, I liked making noise (nicole you are so funny) and banging pots with spoons. Ah the poor mans noise maker! And YES you really were the cutest little kids. I did good!