Christmas 07 Number 1

Colorado was our first stop for Christmas fun this year. We decided to go there first because last year the weather was too bad to travel that far so we didn't go. You may recall some ice and power-outs.

Well, we did some shopping at Centerra (above), Estes Park, and Boulder. We ate a lot of gelato. We had it from about 4 different places. Well, maybe only 3. But still, it was a lot of gelato and it was all good. :)

Saturday, our last day in Colorado, we had a big ol' family get together at Linda's. There were a lot of people. Me and Shannon, Jenette, and Chris, Michelle, Gary, Linda, Grandma and Grandpa Dick, Randy, Nancy, Wes, Jennifer, Suzanne, Emily, Amy, and Jonathan, Lindee, Terry, Katrina, Adam, and Dakota, Jerry and Cindy, and some of Linda's neighbors stopped by. So, 25-ish. Plus there were 4 dogs, Shadow (a German Sheppard), Libby (a terrier), Major (a beagle), and Jake (a poodle?). Not all of them are pictured above. But Major is below and he is a very cute and smart little puppy!!

This video is of Dakota playing Wii boxing with Emily. I don't know if Cody actually won.

It was busy. But fun.

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Tuba Queen said...

That is soo cool that so many of you guys were able to get together. YAY!!