Christmas Part 2

While in GC, we didn't take many pictures. We had a great time with extended family. Christmas was fun at Rhonda's. Then we headed to Grandma Fuller's for lunch and family. There was ham loaf, rumors of undercooked ham loaf, doodle bears, Wii, dog piles and more!

The kids are all getting so big. It's fun to talk to them and watch them play. The next day we went to Bobbie and Jeff's for some chili and some more games. There were many games to be had in Garden, on the Wii and off.

We left of Friday and headed to Wichita for one last Christmas celebration with my mom and sister this time. Oh, I almost forgot!! For the Christmas Eve service, Shannon wore his black suit from Rhonda and Dave's wedding. He hasn't worn it in a while so, we checked to make sure it still fit.

It did.


Michelle said...

Oh man, my brother the stud

Tuba Queen said...

The dog pile is awesome