K-State Wildcats

I'm not much of a basketball fan. Well, that's an understatement. I don't like basketball at all really. But that doesn't stop me from liking my school doing well.

Tonight K-State played KU here in Manhattan. KU is undefeated this season, both in Big XII and overall. They are ranked #2 in the nation. K-State is ranked #24 and is also undefeated in the Big XII, but not overall. So tonight's game was going to be good. A lot of students waited at Bramlage (our arena) instead of going to classes today. This game was a big deal.

Well. It just ended and we won. We won! We beat KU 84-75! That is really awesome. KU is a basketball school (despite their BCS bowl game appearence). So to beat them at their game in our home, awesome. What makes it more awesome? We haven't beaten KU at home in 25 years. 25 years. That means I was 1 year old last time we beat them at home. Crazy.

So yeah. I'm not much of a squeaky ball fan, but I am really proud of my school beating KU.

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