The Third Christmas

Christmas and New Years in Wichita with my mom, sister, and niece was fun. Nicole is getting big. She is learning to say more and that is really useful. She's adorable.

We had Christmas on Saturday with some delicious gnocci and wine sauce. Jayme did a really good job on the sauce. And it's always good to each gnocci! We opened gifts and then just chilled. Mom got me a stand mixer. A really cool one. I love it and can't wait until I have a kitchen that I can use it in!We even to got to spend some time with Andy. Shannon and he watched a few bowl games and played Wii inbetween. The girls watched home movies upstairs. That was a blast. And mom and Jay, make sure you keep up the work and finish all the tapes.

New Years was good too. We made a bunch of dips. Crab dip, turkey salad (not really a dip), hummus, queso, and salsa verde. Mmm....mmm....We made a bunch of noise at midnight, then cleaned up and went to sleep.

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