1800 Square Feet

This last weekend Mom, Jayme, and Nicki came up for Jayme and Maria's birthdays. Went out to eat a few times, sat around and played the Wii a bit, and saw Matt's house. Matt (Maria's boyfriend) has been building himself his first house. I think that is really cool. He and some buddies work on it, about all the time. This was the first time I got to see it. It's not done, but there is a lot of it done. Here is a picture Maria took of them laying some tile in the kitchen. When we saw it on Sunday, the cabinets were up in the kitchen too.

Matt is on the left with his dog Zeus next to him.

On Sunday we ate at La Fiesta for dinner. Yummy quesadillas there! Nicki ate some lemon and it was rather entertaining to watch her. She appears to like it though. She throws a few smiles in there between the silly faces.


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Or The Other?

Irene said...

That was funny. Very funny. Nicole is just so cute.
Yes Matt's house is so nice. I'm very proud of him for this. Not many young men would take on such a big responsiblity and then do so well at it. Good Job to Matt and more lemons for Nicole!