House Hunting

Jenette and Chris have been looking at houses to buy here. Now that she has a job starting in the summer and they know they will be living here, they plan to get a house! We just got back from looking at some fun ones, such as the Doll House, the Lake House, the Dead House, the Awesome House, and the First House.

The Doll house is gray and purple (go K-State). It is decorated a lot, like a doll house. The Lake House is, well, by the lake. It is 25 minutes away and kinda small. The Dead House is creepy. There is a little ladder in one of the closets. If you look at the top, there is a hatch and a sign that says "There is nothing up here. Stay out." Then we noticed that that was the only closet in the house that locked. It has has a giant old meat freezer in the basement and a lot of creepy, dead vibes. The Awesome House is pretty awesome. It's big and the best they've seen so far. The First House is just a house. Nothing too good or bad about it.

But all this house-ing reminded me of a something Shannon and I happened upon. A possible job would be in Tulsa, OK. So every now and then we look at houses available there. Well. We found one for 105K. It has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 stories, a fireplace, a basement, a 2 car garage, and is over 2000 square feet! And it's cute (above) and it's very, very close to where our jobs would be. So it's a winner in almost every way!

Mom then suggested to check out the crime statistics for that area. So we did. There is one homicide in that area. And we are pretty sure it took place in this house. Shannon did some searching and found a few articles on it and it sounds a lot like this is the place. Here are two articles, this one and this one. That sucks.

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