Nicole's Dance Updates

Recently Michelle and I have decided that we need to bring Jumpstyle to the world. It's an awesomely fun style of dancing that is pretty easy to learn, and looks neat when done with someone else. I would post a video, but really, the one Michelle has on her blog is really good. So, you can go look at it there. It's really fun!

But, I have second dancing passion that developed, well, today. It's probably been there all my life, and now its just coming into the light. I want to dance Thriller. Preferably with a large group of people dressed like zombies! Ah. And just the thing, Thrill the World. It does just that. It's awesome. Last year they had 1722 people around the world doing the dance at the same time. I am so pumped. Chances are they won't be in the town that I am living in, but I'm still excited!

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Irene said...

I'm at Lori's house and we watched the Jumpstyle video, We so want to learn it! How fun is that. Riverdance meets hip hop.