I very appreciate it.

This is it. The countdown is coming to an end. Only 3 sleeps left until I can finally sleep in!

Seriously, it's been 14 nights since I've been able to sleep in. Having back-to-back weekends of hockey in St. Louis is a killer.

In other countdowns, only 10 days left in February. And you know what comes in March? The new Vampire Counts. Who's excited? I'm excited! There are so many amazing new models (some with rather absurd pricing) and a lot of rule changes. As far as I've heard, I'm okay with most if not all of them. There appears to be a change in that now ghouls, or crypt ghouls, aren't skirmishers. We'll see. I may be wrong, but if it's true, I don't know if I like that rule just yet. But I'm really excited to paint the new models and play with the new rules! I'm sure you will hear more about the updates in the weeks to come from me.

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Sigmar said...

me too, I'm very excited. The Spearhead set is out on the 23rd Feb with the book !

If you're interested I have posted all the pics, prices and release dates on my blog (there's also a thread for the new Chaos Daemons coming out in April).

Anyway, it's all here (unde the Vampire Counts thread on the right, under contents):-

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