This weekend we played some hockey. I got damaged on the nose. I'm not really sure how. I have a full cage on my helmet...but it happened. I would show you a picture, but I look rather foolish in the ones I have, and really, it isn't anything impressive.

After St. Louis, I stayed the night in Kansas City for a Monday of interviews with Hallmark. The company paid for me to stay in 21st floor room at the Hyatt. This is the view of Kansas City from my room that night.

The interviews went fine. If you want to know about them, then give me a call and I'll chat it up with you. But I don't feel the need to give detail of my 7 hours of interviews here on my blog. I'm not that good at telling stories.

Now its just time to wait for the offers to start rolling in. And offers there will be!! We hope to hear from Hallmark in Kansas City, a software company in Tulsa, and/or the Stat Department here in Manhattan.


Tuba Queen said...

Hooptie Hoop NICOLE!!

newgen said...

Hallmark in KC! Hallmark in KC!

Irene said...

no further than that and I wont have a heart attack! I'm so mad thre is no place in Wichita! BOo hoo. i love you bubbalah!