Treasures Part 4

Back in the day, I used to work at craft shows with my mom''s little company Creative Crafts by Irene. She made all sorts of neat things and sold them and I helped. As I got older, I started to try and make some things to sell, too. That's were the above plastic canvas doggie bag holder comes in. I stitched them up and we sold them for pretty cheap at the shows. Don't really know how good they did, but I made them! A rather noteworthy thing about doing craft shows... Mom had an old Ford tempo and she was able to get all of her crafts in there for shows and the tables/tents needed to sell them (if not provided). There was a lot lot of stuff inside that small car. Mom is very good at packing things.

One of my best friends in high school at Honesdale was Anna Marie Cunningham Smith. She was a year older then me and we rode the same bus. Our bus driver, Walter, even let me ride the early bus route so I could hang out with Anna some more because they changed the bus routes during my sophomore-ish year. Anyway, Anna made me this mug (or at least made the mug and decided she'd give it to me later). It never got used, and sadly it's falling apart now. But it's still fun to see it and have some of my foggy memories come back.

When I went to Anna's house once, we watched Monty Python. It was my first time seeing it. I also saw Dazed and Confused with her at her house. Her cousin, whose name was Daniel I think was pretty cute and my age.

Here are some candles I made while living in Garden. The first four from the left I made with actual candle molds. But the blue one on the right I used an old toilet paper tube with some wax paper and duck-tape as a mold. That was much more common for me.

Not much here that you can't see for yourself. It my old gym uniform shirt from Honesdale. The shorts that went with it were awful of course, but we could wear sweatpants if they were red. So I got me some and wore those most of the time. Remember, I didn't shave back then either, so my legs were often hairy.

Ah, back in the day when we tried to get rid of the nickel-width space between my two front teeth (I couldn't hold a lollipop in between my two front teeth because the stick was too narrow). I wore braces on top for a good while and then got this spiffy glow-in-the-dark retainer to wear afterwards. Even though my space went away, it wasn't permanent. It's rather small now, but still there.

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Irene said...

Oh my gosh, such memories. These things bring back so much happy memories of my little nicole growing up. very fun.