UMSL Stinks

We had hockey this weekend. 3 games, 2 good ones, one crummy one. Jenette and I are the only girls I know of in our divisionion in the inline hockey league. No one makes anything of it either, which is great. Except UMSL. Last year some of their fans/B-team players made comments of how girls shouldn't play in this league. Then Sunday, I was out and by their bench, and they made comments like, "It's just the girl." or "something*something* only #9* something." Just purposely pointing me out and making something of it. Arg. It's frustrating, because Jenette and I don't make anything of it, and no one else usually does either. UMSL is just a group of egotistical guys and it is frustrating. But, it just makes me want to try even harder.

Also along the hockey story...I got 2 crappy penalties, both for tripping. Yeah. Since I went for the puck and the first two teams we played had balance issues, I get the penalties. Not even good ones! I'll have to try harder next time.

Oh, tired and on to bed!

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Irene said...

Those players obviously fear you. They needed to try to intimidate you so you wouldn't be focused on the game. You showed them by tripping two of their players. HA! sorry you got penalties for it. Maybe one day you will get them on the rink and let them see what it's like to play an actual experienced college hockey player. GO FEMALES!