How I Wish

Do you ever wish you could take pictures with your mind? Then upload them to your computer and post them on your blog?

Well, today in class, we were just getting started and some of the kids were watching a stray cat outside. It was nice out so our windows were open. Well, we get started and everyone sitting and the cat jumps onto the ledge and tries to get in the classroom. Since I have no screen on that window, it would have been easy. But I'm mean and my dislike for cats crept in and I closed the window on him. About 2 minutes later he did it again but the window was still shut. Kinda fun though. The cat looked cute. But alas, I left my cable at school...

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Irene said...

HA, ha. I'm sorry but that was funny. You never did care for cats. not even ours. I just love ya Nikki.