Birthday Mystery

Yesterday we went to our friend Newgen's surprise birthday party. We got to eat (a lot) of lasagna, see Newgen and Andrea, meet the other group of Newgen's friends (finally), and partake in a murder mystery game.

The game was pretty fun. I was really worried that I'd have to act a lot and it would suck. I mean, we could/should have dressed our parts and I didn't. Luckily, I was just an artist, so anything goes. But it was pretty fun. We sat in a circle and just talked about things. I kinda wish it was more involved after we were done. But good times. I wasn't the killer, nor the accomplice. I was the victim's fiancee and was having an affair with the chauffer, who luckily was Shannon. Andrea says the company has a pirate one...that may be worth looking into.

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