Swan Lake

Last night I went with Mom, Maria, and Jessica (her room-mate) to see the ballet Swan Lake at McCain. It was done by the Russian Ballet and was pretty fun. If you don't know the story, here it is.

Swan Lake
Prine Siegfried is coming of age and his mommy gives him a toy crossbow at his castle party. So they all dance and he goes to the lake. Swans. All over. Not just any swans, girls that have been turned into swans by an evil long-legged magician (whome he tries to shoot with this crossbow). He falls in love with Odette and they dance all around. He goes back to the castle to pick a wife. But none are Odette!

Evil LL Magician brings his daughter Odile and a spell and tricks Princey into loving Odile. They dance around and dance around and then he see Odette and realized he's been fooled! Sadness all around. So he runs to the lake, even all the swans are sad. They do sad dances and then Odette comes out and dances with Princey. Then the Evil LL Magician comes out and is mad. He's gonna hurt Princey. They have a dance off and Princey wins! ELLM falls to the ground and literally rolls out of sight. Happiness abounds, the light comes back and the story ends to numerous rounds of applause.

So yeah. There was an awesome Jester in a cool black/white uniform. He jumped incredibly high and spun a whole lot. Very fun.

One trippy thing, when the 20 swans came out and danced together, they would fade to red. It was a wierd optical illusion. The lights were very blue-green and the swans very white. So they just kinda faded to red as they moved around. It was really wierd.

Overall I had a good time and am glad I went.


morEya said...

that made me laugh :) good interpretation of swan lake.

i didnt see the red and i think u and mom are crazy :) on a happier note, the jester was very cool indeed.

Irene said...

It was fun! I was worried that the seats we had would have made us watch the entire ballet from a birds eye view, tops and heads and all, but it worked out ok. I'll get us better seats for 42nd street next mo! WHOO HOO tap dance