Class is so much better than last year! We watched "The Fable of He and She." It's from 1974 and it's claymation. Rather entertaining.

School is fine, hockey is fine. No real news today.

Why do people ask if a dog is a boy or a girl?


Braveharte said...

People categorize everything... we want to put them in their category and then treat it differntly based on the response. People always ask if babies are boys or girls too. Girls are held and spoken to more and boys are put on the ground and encouraged to roam (mind you this is the same baby that the people are either told is a boy or a girl).

The Math Ninja said...

I agree with that, but do people really treat dogs differently? My class was spent on discussing those things, about babies after reading "X: A Fabulous Child's Story."

Irene said...

I ask because I want to be prepared if I am in the same room. Male dogs hump and male dogs pee on things. Female dogs squat to pee and dont hump (unless they are very confused) See! makes perfect sense.

Braveharte said...

Actually female dogs frequently hump, but only other dogs... it's a sign of dominance. :) I think that it's just part of our need to categorize. I could see people treating them differently too. I find it interesting that people always assume Athos is a girl (and usually that Calla is a boy).