Ogres, Wood Elves, and Hockey, Oh my!

Oh, yes. Maria bought some Ogres for Warhammer. Actually, Shannon and I bought them as a birthday gift for her (it's this Sunday).

I've been working on my Wood Elves (sing it to the tune of I've been working on the railroad.) I have close to 1000 points painted...but by close I mean about 700 done. Eh.

And lastly, hockey practice resumes tonight. Oh, 3 hours of fun. Hopefully I'm not too sore tomorrow and Wednesday.


morEya said...

just to let everyone know... my ogres are as ugly as can be and i can't wait to start painting them :D

Irene said...

I think Maria will really like it. I love the pieces you and Shannon have painted over the years. I'm looking forward to seeing how Maria does. she is so creative too and loves to paint detail.