So, today at school, I'm chillin' in my classroom around 7:50am helping a student with homework. Then we see a flicker and the lights go out. "What was that?" *buzz*zap* "Woah." He and I go to the window and ya know what we see? A powerline on the corner of the road fell and was on fire/zapping! It was the craziest thing I've ever seen! Huge (like about a story high) firey balls of white light with very, very orange edges. Absolutely insane, and bright, and loud! Scary! The fire trucks soon showed up and an hour later we had power back. But in that half an hour, school started. So kids were coming and we were all just sitting in the dark classroom for 45ish minutes, hoping we could just go home. No such luck. At 9:00, the day proceeded as normal. Sigh.

This isn't a picture from this morning, but it's one I found on-line that looks similar to what I saw this morning. But it wasn't as wet and it was a much larger "flame." Plus, there were 3 spots of light.

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