Ah, Pretzels and Coke

It's been a busy time. When not at school, I'm grading, or doing laundry, or eating or sleeping. Sleeping is probably my favorite, but eating is a close second.

So my sister got on Facebook. And in Facebook she met up with some people from where we used to live. Turns out my old "crush" (how silly) dropped out of high school and is a bum (so says his younger brother). But what's really weird, is the younger brother is in college and wants to come visit us. Odd. Odd.

In other news, I'm tired still and my back is kinda sore.


Crunch said...

Why is your back sore?

Did you fall during hockey?

The Math Ninja said...

No, no fall. Just hunching over to play and skate. But it's gone now :)

Crunch said...

Well that's good. =)

Ugh.. backpain... one of those types of things that you don't want to experience because they can be so persistent.