Guess what landed in my eye?

For game night we made some weird foods. We made Creamed Onions, Sage Pork Chops, Smushed Apples and Sweet Potatoes, and Curried Apple Leek Soup. The soup was really weird. While I was making the sweet potatoes, I was mixing them up and *pop*! A chunk landed in my eye! It should have hurt, but it didn't.

School was fine. Nothing really interesting today. However, our Social Studies teacher gave a review on Monday. They students had to write about 8-10 paragraph long answers on loose-leaf paper. One boy, started his own work. The first 3 were done in sloppy pen. Then about 5 problems in, its not only in pencil, but neat and using really big words. Someone did it for him. Our teacher thinks it may be his mother. That is sad for many reasons, but the one different for this case is that his mom is teacher.

Oh, I hope we are wrong. But I doubt it.

Eh, not my problem. If I catch it, he gets a 0. As for, nothing, I hate cheating of any sort.

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Crunch said...

Ouch... You say it didn't hurt but that sounds painful!!!