Arrg: the Multiple Meanings

Arrg 1: The stupid wash house is killing my clothes! Old pipes, crappy machines or something is turning our clothes brown! I just bought a new white shirt last week and I wore it to school. Then today I do laundry, and now my shirt is all brown and crappy (see above)! I am so x10 mad! I called who I could and e-mailed and said it needed to be fixed and my shirt replaced. I am so mad! I bought good bleach and used it and everything! Arrg! This one got it bad too!

Arrg 2: Zombie Pirates! Woot woot! I finished some more of them. Next I think I'll paint my mounted necromancer. Shannon is working on his first Bretonian Knight guy. Cool.


The Plaid Cow said...

Looks like rust. But I'm not a laundry connoisseur. Neither is my dad. Right after Christmas, he washed and dried a school sweater my grandmother got for me. One of my parents was so embarrassed that they bought me a new sweater. And never told my grandmother.

The Math Ninja said...

Ha ha. Aren't parents great? I love my mom and when she does silly things, I love her even more :)