Sweet. K-State played a good game today. We had 658 yards of total offense, where as University of North Texas had 161. Of that 161, 71 of it came in their final drive, along with their only points in the game. Check this page out to see more stats. It was fun.

Maria was with. She went to a KU game 3 weeks ago, and this was her first K-State game. She said that K-State was much more fun to be at (an not just because she goes to K-State or that our football team won). She said we do things, it's entertaining, there are cheers. Overall: We care about the game. Its true, we have fun at the games, even when we don't win.

Afterwards, we went to Los Potrillos, the new Mexican restaruant. It was pretty good. Their tamales are very good and their chile rellones are pretty good too. I liked it a bunch.


R. D. Baker said...

Hey Math Ninja, just wanted to let you know that I liked your recap, so I linked it on my college football "Weekend Wrap-Up" post.


By the way, if you're interested in football statistics, there's a website out there called "Football Outsiders" (http://footballoutsiders.com/)which has a whole bunch of different types of stats for football that you won't see in any sports section.

R. D. Baker said...

Oops, that first link should be:


The Math Ninja said...

Thanks! That was an awesome game for K-State, a good morale booster going into Oklahoma (gag, gag).

dolphinfan said...

Look out for the Sooners, they have had two weeks to prepare for K-State and they have a lot to prove. It should be interesting.

The Math Ninja said...

True that. But, if we can do half of what we did last week, we should win the interesting game (I hope!)