This September Day!

Run down of the day.

Football: K-State versus Florida International (above, so purple :D). Overall an alright game. We won 35-21 (?). Our defense did good because one of FIU's TDs was off a blocked punt and another was after a fumble recovery at the 10ish yard line. Webb still made some crummy decisions and passes, but was definately better than last year. Also, #7 a Freshman named Parrish Fisher looks promising.

It was SO hot and sunny. A little sunburned despite sunblock. During the game, the dudes in front of us had some alcohol with them (not allowed in the stadium). One of them got sick and threw up and then a security gaurd came to escort him out. He refused to leave so the security went to get a cop. When he left puker almost ran away in the opposite direction. So stupid. It smelt bad and was just annoying. Eventually puker came back and stayed for the rest of the gam. Sigh. We showered after the game and headed to Panera.

Seth Childs Commons: We at Panera, then headed to Target for goods. So, we spent oh, about 3 hours!! there! Shannon and Chris got some fun shirts. Jenette and I got some stuff too. Overall a fun trip, but a little longer than expected :)

Now on to zombies and some food!


Crunch said...


Puker man doesn't sound like a nice person to have in your vicinity. Sounds like a fun game besides that.

Football... to me the best time of the year.

Enjoy your holiday!

The Math Ninja said...

Yeah, puker was kinda...gross? Yeah, gross. But it was fun.