Shimmy or Shuffle?

On July 25th, Shannon and I were joined by Newgen and Michelle as we all went to a soccer game at Arrowhead. Manchester United's tour took them to Kansas City to play the Wizards. It was great fun (and hot). What made it even more fun is that KC won! Woot woot!

That trip started in Manhattan. Keagan and Cassidy dressed to match (sort of) and had fun playing on Cassidy's play mat. Keagan doesn't have one, but she really like Cassidy's! Mostly the mirror.

We also went to Manhattans' City Park. They recently redid it and added a water park you pay for with slides and wave pool and such. They also added a kiddie water park that is free. It has all sorts of sprinklers and water toys. Looks really fun. Keagan is a wee small to play there (and she was sleeping), but I did have Shannon put her feet in an old fountain. Keagan first yelled, then seemed to ... tolerate it?

Another thing worth mentioning... I need ideas for Halloween for Keagan. I am not good at remembering, so I'll use my blog and labels to help. Halloween idea for Keagan: MC Hammer (mostly cause it'd be fun to make baby parachute pants).

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Michelle said...

I vote for MC.

Or nibbler from Futurama!