Days at Home

It still is weird to be home all day. It just feels like summer break or something. Maybe when school starts (next week I start teaching) things will feel different.

So, what has Keagan been up to? Well, she's still cute. :)

We've gotten her some new toys. Mostly to try and help us out. She LOVES to stand and well, we can't do anything else when we are holding her in standing position. So we tried a walker.

It's not bad, but even at it's shortest setting her feet still dangle. So, we put her on the carpet, so it doesn't move much and put a blanket under her feet. :) She can stand and squat and play with toys. It works pretty well. There is usually a pile of drool on the tray when we take her out.

We also got a carrier via Jenette and Chris. It's awkward for me to use, but Shannon has had some success. For example, they helped me cook the other day, while making something (can't recall what).

She sits much better now. Her core muscles can keep her upright instead of slouched over. She sits in her Bumbo seat (stupid name) a lot. That is handy. She also has a new play mat, and likes it quite a bit. Save for one toy it came with. There is a flower that plays music. She pouts and then cries every time it goes. So we don't make it play music anymore. She also has that jumpy seat, another good one that collects drool.

Keagan doesn't roll over yet, but yesterday she learned how to unfold her body.

She also talks more and makes lots of noises. It's pretty cute. She chats the most with Shannon.

And well, I just like this picture. It's a totally different kind of cute.

In not baby news, I cut my hair! It was this long:

Then I had Shannon cut off a foot to donate. I don't have a picture of it shorter, but just image what I normally look like. It's basically the same. No one can tell when I cut my hair because it's still long, just not as long.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, Keagan way too cute!!!! all of the posts. Videos are great! r in gc

Irene said...

OH my gosh that video of Keagan talking is so adorable. I kept replaying it because I was laughing and crying and just wanted to kiss my grandbaby so much. I miss you guys and thank you so much for these clips Nik, they save me from freaking out that I dont see her every week. She is perfect.