Hands and Splashes

Last weekend my mom came down and spent some time with us. Also during that time, Keagan had her first official bath with splashing. She had a jolly time. Smiling and splashing around. It was quite cute.

Keagan also uses her hands now. Around the 15th, she would slowly move her hands toward objects, sometimes getting them, sometimes not. Then if she did get it, she'd try to put it in her mouth, but usually miss and get it in her eye. Since then, she's pounced on objects. She'll go real slow, then all of a sudden jerk both hands towards the object, almost always hitting it. And then she could move things to her mouth just about every time. But around last Friday she starting being successful in grasping something in front of her and then getting it to her mouth. Now she will even grasp for things not in front of her. She gets ambitious and leans towards things, staring with her little upper lip making a fish face as she tries to get the thing she wants.

We've also been working on teaching her a trick. But I'll wait until she can do it before I try to explain it.

Here she is entertained by a candle. It looked pretty neat flickering through the jar.

We also bought the game Wasabi. Its quite fun!


Philip said...

Haha guess someone beat me to a blog (a prof?)

-Philip (the youtube math ninja)

Tuba Queen said...

I miss her so much!!!

Irene said...

She is so perfect. I love this child so much it's insane. Look at that face hypnotized by the candle. She's so freakin cute. Kiss her for Grandma please, tell her I love her.

Irene said...
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