Happy Birthday, Nikki!

But I don't have any pictures from this weekend of her. :( Our camera's battery died and I didn't bring the back up. So, others have pictures, but not me.

Instead, I do have a description of what we did. Saturday was Nikki's 4th Birthday party. She had a beach theme and it was cute. There was 3 pools, the largest was 2.5' deep, the smallest was about 24" in diameter and about 4 inches deep. Guess what pool Keagan, Cassidy, and Raegen went in? :) Oh, I wish I had a picture of it.

Nikki got lots of gifts. Shannon, Jenette, Chris, and I got her Kids of Catan. I want to know how it works out. It looks pretty good.

Here are some pictures of Keagan, looking cute.

She's stylin' in a Student's t-rex onesie. :)

She likes to chew on things and drool and suck. Things like pacifiers, her hands, her clothes, Shannon's fingers. Like this:


Irene said...

I LOVE HER!!!!!!!

Irene said...

Nikki's party was really cool. I have a ton of pictures but I haven't downloaded any. I'll try so you can post the adorable pool pics and how precious both my grandchildren are.

The Koehn's said...

She is so cute!

Michelle said...

That video is tooooooo funny!