Mr. Doctor

Happy Birthday, Nikki! Jayme made funfetti cupcakes into groovy flowers. It was cute and Atari didn't eat them!

Maria, being the girly-girl, bought Nikki kids make-up. Nikki loved it and looked very pink, because everything was pink.

Shannon and I found a neat little wooden veggie/fruit cutting set. She seemed to enjoy it. "I cut." And then she'd cut. :)


Tuba Queen said...

That is all she wants to do is play with that cutting toy. She loves it. SHe is now doing the back and forth motion w/ the knife w/o her hand there. What a big girl!

Irene said...

Yes she's a cutie. And she still loves her makeup. She says it perfectly. She also still says 'I cut' or 'I cook' when she plays with her veggie cutting board. Oh and she started making believe she eats the pieces. Too cute.