So, I didn't make my goal. I kind of took 2nd place. Wednesday I got as far as getting the underskirt hemmed, making a chemise and finishing the edges of my under sleeves (or whatever they are called).

Thursday night, the last night I had to work with my machines due to travel, I met my goal. I hemmed the overskirt and added a few more snaps and stitches.

About hemming... OMG... it sucked. Having Shannon help was good and all, but it is a lot of fabric. And I'm not very good at giving advice on how to mark the hem. So Shannon tried his best and after many hours and pinning and repinning, I finally got it done. That was underskirt. It is made of flat fabric. The overskirt, with the pinched taffeta... not as easy. I spent about 6 hours last night and all I did besides sew on 6 buttons and 1 snap was hem the overskirt. It took so long. It was so hard to get it even. The pinched fabric bunches here but not there and then lays flat here, but not there. I don't know how good it is, but it is done and it should be fine.

Thanks so much to Shannon for his pinning and picturing (which helped a lot, I need a full lenght mirror). He poked himselft a few times, but no blood as far a I know. Now to make it look pretty I have a car ride and tomorrow.

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