Sew, Peel, Mow

I've been sewing quite a bit lately. A week from today we are going to the KC Ren Fest and I plan to wear a fancy new dress. Shannon and I special ordered the fabric on July 31st and I picked it up last week. It's exciting to watch it all come together.

I've also been working on removing that Thomas Kincade wall paper border from our kitchen. The walls are textured and it takes forever to remove the border. It wasn't much of a challenge to take the down paper in the bathroom, but this kitchen... It's a job. So far I've gotten about 1 wall of four walls done. It's taking me about 3 hours to remove border from a 6 foot span. Geepers. Maybe by Christmas I'll be able to prime the walls...

Also, I need to mow the lawn. Not very exciting and you can probably guess anything I'd have to say about it.

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