I got a call from Jay this morning at work. She had to bring my mom to the emergency room last night and was there until early this morning. Apparently, my mom is leaking...bile? Not sure, she hasn't been tested yet, but she finally did get admitted to the hospital so she can be tested. She had her gall bladder removed last Wednesday and now there is a leak somewhere. It sucks.


Turns out it's not bile, there is no leak. The fluid is probably blood. One of the "tubes" was supposed to clot and the its likely the blood clot came free and blood got in her body...well, into a wrong part of her body. She is home now and should be fine. (Whew.)

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Irene said...

Poor me! I still feel no way near 100% which is so unusual for me. I always heal so quickly that this surgery is knocking me out. I shld have rested more. Going to manhattan the day after surgery, then New Jersey the day after being released from the hospital after bleeding, and then a week in Dodge and Garden for work the day I got back from Jersey was not a good idea. Now I'm exhausted. I never took my Pj's off today. I plan on repeating today tomorrow!